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İzmir is a five thousand year old city, situated on the west of Anatolia peninsula, surrounded by the Aegean Sea. After İstanbul and Ankara, İzmir is the third most populous city in Turkey.



In addition to being a busy tourist center, İzmir is a strategic site for all kinds of cultural activities with its universities, museums, concert halls, cultural and art associations. As such, it is home to many national and international festivals. As described by Victor Hugo: “İzmir… a princess with a beautiful necklace on her neck”, along the waterfront, tourists and locals alike enjoy the gentle touch of Aegean breezes while watching thousands of colors blend together as the sun sets over İzmir’s bay.


The third largest and one of the most beautiful provinces of Turkey, is Izmir, extending on the shores of an attractive bay, filled with ships and yachts. Backed by mountains and facing the sea, this site offers a fine appearance, both with its natural panorama and its modern and orderly view. Lovely palm trees decorate the promenades and avenues, where new and impressive buildings stand.Walking around this charming city, one can see a lot, ranging from the oldest remains, to the most recent establishments scattered around
The clocktower stands in Konak Square as a symbol of the city while nearby the Archeological Museum houses many finds from the early western Anatolian civilizations. In the city centre, there is the Culture Park where the famous annual International Fair Is held.Filled with pretty restaurants, cafes, shops and bars, Kordonboyu is a long promenade which provides a restful atmosphere and the typical elegant scenery of the city. Kemeralti Bazaar is a smart place with limitless shopping opportunities for here you will find almost anything you want, at the most appropriate prices.



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Visa depends on your nationality. At the time of writing the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs posts Visa information on their website here:



Mobile Phone

There are 3 GSM operators in Turkiye being as Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone. There are two wave bands for mobile phones in Turkiye: 900 and 1800 MHz. Please check with your provider regarding roaming costs and wave bands. Local GSM operators have prepaid lines, which can be provided at newspaper booths and groceries. Please check that the prepaid cards are in accordance with your line. Additionally, there will be renting possibilities of mobile phones with lines.


Time Zone & Time Difference

All of Turkey is covered by one time zone: in winter GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) + 2; CET (Central European Time) + 1 and EST (Eastern Standard Time in the USA) + 7; and in summer GMT + 3.


Turkey is on GMT + 2 (daylight saving = GMT +3 and operates between late March to late September). This means generally that Turkey is 1 hour ahead of European and 2 hours ahead of the UK standard times. Still it is a good idea to check the local time when you arrive in Turkey and adjust your watch accordingly.


Electricity / Phone Patch

The Turkish domestic power system is 220 V AC, 50 Hz. Standard continental two pin plugs (with earth) are used.


Credit Card Usage

Credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants in the main Cities or Resorts areas. This may not be the case in smaller villages or remote places so it is generally a good idea to try always to have some cash handy.





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