The 2010 Annual Meeting of the


Welcome to the web site of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society, which will be held from April 8 to 11, 2010 in Izmir, Turkey. The conference will be hosted by SoSReS (Social Sciences Research Society).  

Description and Aim


Public choice is a branch of economics that studies non-market decision making processes and institutions. Given its area of research and the methodology chosen, public choice is often considered to bridge the gap between economics and political science.


About 200 papers are expected to be presented in plenary meetings and parallel sessions dealing with current issues in all fields of Public Choice. Additionally, one young scholar will be chosen to receive the Knut-Wicksell Prize for outstanding research in the field of Public Choice.


The European Public Choice Society (EPCS)


The European Public Choice Society promotes scientific research on the economics and politics of public and non-market decision-making, political economy and the economics of institutions . ˃˃˃  more on EPCS


The Social Sciences Research Society


The SOSRES promotes inter-disciplinary as well as multi-disciplinary research that addresses complex national and international social, economic, political  etc. problems. It is a non-profit organization based in Turkey.


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